Recruiting: Hotel Royal / Taipei Beitou Health management hospital

To promote medical tourism, a first government–built tourism health center was erected by Department of Health Taipei City Government in Taipei Beitou.  North Zon Kang Consulting Co. formally signed the Operation and Transfer Agreement for the Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort in 2009. The fusion of international tourist hotel, Hotel Royal Group, and professional health management hospital, Taipei Beitou health management Hospital, is the very first Double-H combination model in Taiwan. The institution provide three-in-one services — health management, cosmetic medicine and hot spring spa, making it medical tourism milestone.


By promoting medical tourism, we hope to bring the awareness of prevention medicine to the public, also encourage tourists to know the beauty of Beitou local culture and landscape. Furthermore, Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital is boasting free four-cancer-screening ( cervical cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer and colon cancer), medical exams, health seminars and female medical exams for local communities.


Taipei Beitou Health management Hospital is situated in Taipei City, Beitou, which is facing XinBeitou MRT station, was opened on 12th of Dec 2014. We are happy and proud of announcing that 1/3 of our employees are from either Beitou or adjacent suburbs.