Hotel Royal Beitou - Features & Service

Prestige VIP check-in service.

All of your needs will be carefully addressed. Moreover, meticulous monitoring and control of every floor can ensure your safety and privacy.

Philosophy of health diets.

The chef team of Hotel Royal Beitou works with a professional dietitian to present healthy European and French cuisine, emphasizing use of local grown vegetables and fruits of the season and high quality ingredients. The cuisine not only satisfies your stomach and mind but also your eyes and taste buds.

Exclusive 7 senses aromatherapy.

The certified European massage technique and top-quality natural essence oil help you relax in tranquility bring out energy and nourish the skin and mind. FITNESS: Safe and instructive fitness activities with professional trainers. We have enough exercise trainers in the well-equipped gym, hydrotherapy pool and hot spring to enhance the efficacy.

We offer a wide range of exclusive fitness classes, fitness center and aqua therapy pool to stimulate your body, mind, and soul. Our fitness staff provide customized wellness programs incorporate local customs and follow the rhythm of your breathing and awaken your inner energies deep inside your body.

Exploration of the uncharted.

We arrange physical fitness exercise in the outdoors taking advantage of unique landscape of the Beitou hot spring area. People can build up strength and regain vitality through outdoor exploration activities of various difficulty levels.

International architecture.

We invited the reputable architecture firm, Mecanoo of Netherland, to design the Resort. Fine quality materials and careful arrangement create exquisite style for the functional space as well as guest rooms. Combined considerate service and facilities will refresh you during the day and rest you during the night.