Success Stories

Beijing Male / 48 years-old / Multiple polyps in the colon and multiple tubular adenoma

Mr. Xu is a successful entrepreneur with a family history of colorectal cancer. He has metabolic syndrome with slightly heavier weight. On December 27, 2015, he came to Taipei Beitou Health Management Hospital and underwent painless endoscopic examination. Nearly 100 multiple tubular adenoma polyps (pre-cancerous tumors) were found. After the gastroenterologist’s explanation, Mr. Xu was arranged to visit Dr. Chiang, chief of gastroenterology from Taipei Veterans General Hospital on December 20. After the assessment, Dr. Chiang suggested Mr. Xu to undergo 3 to 4 surgeries for polyp removal. The client returned to China to seek for treatment at three-level hospitals. At the end, Mr. Xu still chose to accept the surgery in Taipei.

Mr. Xu underwent a total of 4 surgeries on January 25, 2016, April 18, 2016, July 25, 2016, and January 16, 2017, respectively, where Dr. Chiang successfully removed all of his polyps. (151217)